Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize

Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize Winner

Promotional image for PETRA's 2021 Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize win

Thrilled and delighted to have PETRA win 2021’s Ethel Wilson Award for best work of fiction in BC and the Yukon. What an honour to be among talented writers Michelle Good, Aislinn Hunter, Susan Sandford Blades and Annabel Lyon, nominated with me. I read all their brilliant works over the summer and felt touched and excited to be in their company. When I won, our family was at the hospital with my mother, author Barbara Lambert, and she and I zoomed to the gala together from her hospital bed, while my husband, Bob, poured us Chablis and my daughter and aunt celebrated with us. I dedicated the prize to my mother, author and brilliant example, whose fascinating new novella Wanda, she actually wrote as she struggled with cancer—and published! She is my example and inspiration.

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