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Tapping the Stream open for registration

Last year’s writing retreat, Tapping the Stream, at the lush, restorative and deeply creative space Hollyhock, on Cortes Island, was a huge success. Here are some photos of the 7-day retreat, where writers write deeply into their works-in-progress — often making huge creative leaps — host a salon, talk deeply about craft, nurture their creativity and build community. All while letting their hair down, paddling in the bioluminescence, and spending time in the garden. Poets, memoirists, visual artists and musicians (if engaged in a writing project), and novelists. I co-host this annual retreat with renowned teacher and writer Betsy Warland, winner of the Vancouver City arts award and founding artistic director of SFU’s Writers’ Studio.

2024’s Tapping the Stream is now open for registration. It will take place June 21-28. See photos from last year’s edition below, then follow this link to find out more and/or to register.

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Looking forward to 2023…

Recently got word that The Walrus will publish my new short story, “Antonius Snorp” in 2023. “Antonius Snorp” was one of those stories that just landed one morning – and which I wrote quickly (for me), though the editing went on for months.

Editing 101. January 25th, 7:00-8:30 pm PT. By Zoom. Danielle Geller, Cadence Mandybura and I will give mini-lectures and then have a rousing conversation on various aspects of editing. There will be a Q and A. We’ll explore substantive editing, line editing, copy editing, proofing.

Fernie Reading Series – BOOKED! So delighted to be part of Fernie, BC’s, reading series, where from 7:00 to 8:30 renowned author Angie Abdou and I will talk about writing, publishing, my most recent novel, Petra, and what is coming next from both her and me. Hope you can join us. I’ve read so much about Fernie in Angie’s fascinating memoirs.

Tapping the Stream May 21-28 at Hollyhock on Cortes Island. This is a unique seven-day retreat that allows writers to work in a sustained way on their manuscript-in-progress, free from interruption, but meeting regularly with other writers by fireside, to discuss craft, publishing, and other key aspects of the writing life. I am co-facilitating with Betsy Warland, who created the Writers’ Studio at SFU and the Vancouver Manuscript Intensive, and won the mayor’s arts award for literary excellence.

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