Interview on How I Wrote This

I’ll be interviewed February 8th on the podcast series, How I Wrote This, with writer and host Pamela Hensley. Other authors in the series include: Heather O’Neill, Anita Rau Badami, Mikhail Iossel, Sean Michaels, Baharan Baniahmadi, Kim Thúy, Neil Smith, H. Nigel Thomas, and Michelle Syba. Details at the How I Wrote This website.

Interview on How I Wrote This2024-02-03T10:41:58-08:00

Launch of Breathing the Page

I was honoured to participate in the launch of Betsy Warland’s Breathing the Page, a seminal book on writing, along with authors Darrel McLeod and Wayde Compton. If you haven’t read Breathing the Page, it’s a fascinating exploration of the craft of writing. You can watch the launch here:

Launch of Breathing the Page2024-02-03T03:35:36-08:00