Off the Record: “A dazzling collection”

“Metcalf’s latest project, the anthology OFF THE RECORD brings together six of the writers with whom Metcalf has worked, in what becomes a dazzling collection of memoir and fiction. If Caroline Adderson, Kristyn Dunnion, Cynthia Flood, Shaena Lambert, Elise Levine, and Kathy Page aren’t quite household names, OFF THE RECORD is a powerful argument for just what a mistake that oversight is.” —Robert Wiersema, The Toronto Star

Read the entire review here.

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The battle to save the ancient trees of Fairy Creek

Here is an article I wrote for The National Observer on Fairy Creek. This eyewitness account of police violence was used by the Rainforest Flying Squad in the affidavit that went to Judge Thompson – who, as so many of you know, recently removed the injunction imposed on protesters who are working to save the old growth trees of Fairy Creek. This BC Supreme Court judge lifted the injunction because of the unwarranted brutality and over-reach of the RCMP, which he said was bringing the courts into disrepute. I am very proud that this article formed a written part of the evidence that led to this landmark decision. The trees are safer – at least for now – and the brave and passionate protesters have had a sizeable win in their yearlong-plus battle to save one of the world’s magical remaining ancient forests.

And here is an article on a tiny, rare lichen that has an outsized political footprint in the Fairy Creek battle.

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