Interview on How I Wrote This

I’ll be interviewed February 8th on the podcast series, How I Wrote This, with writer and host Pamela Hensley. Other authors in the series include: Heather O’Neill, Anita Rau Badami, Mikhail Iossel, Sean Michaels, Baharan Baniahmadi, Kim Thúy, Neil Smith, H. Nigel Thomas, and Michelle Syba. Details at the How I Wrote This website.

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Launch of Breathing the Page

I was honoured to participate in the launch of Betsy Warland’s Breathing the Page, a seminal book on writing, along with authors Darrel McLeod and Wayde Compton. If you haven’t read Breathing the Page, it’s a fascinating exploration of the craft of writing. You can watch the launch here:

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Looking forward to 2023…

Recently got word that The Walrus will publish my new short story, “Antonius Snorp” in 2023. “Antonius Snorp” was one of those stories that just landed one morning – and which I wrote quickly (for me), though the editing went on for months.

Editing 101. January 25th, 7:00-8:30 pm PT. By Zoom. Danielle Geller, Cadence Mandybura and I will give mini-lectures and then have a rousing conversation on various aspects of editing. There will be a Q and A. We’ll explore substantive editing, line editing, copy editing, proofing.

Fernie Reading Series – BOOKED! So delighted to be part of Fernie, BC’s, reading series, where from 7:00 to 8:30 renowned author Angie Abdou and I will talk about writing, publishing, my most recent novel, Petra, and what is coming next from both her and me. Hope you can join us. I’ve read so much about Fernie in Angie’s fascinating memoirs.

Tapping the Stream May 21-28 at Hollyhock on Cortes Island. This is a unique seven-day retreat that allows writers to work in a sustained way on their manuscript-in-progress, free from interruption, but meeting regularly with other writers by fireside, to discuss craft, publishing, and other key aspects of the writing life. I am co-facilitating with Betsy Warland, who created the Writers’ Studio at SFU and the Vancouver Manuscript Intensive, and won the mayor’s arts award for literary excellence.

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Writer in Residence, Nelson’s Elephant Mountain Literary Festival, June 2022

So delighted to be Writer in Residence at Nelson’s Elephant Mountain Literary Festival. Blue pencil sessions with writers, a lecture on fiction, and hearing and appearing on stage with authors I deeply admire, including Suzanne Simard – who wrote Finding the Mother Tree – daring and thoughtful author Angie Abdou, iconic poet Tom Wayman, Magpie Ulysses, performer and playwright Lucas Myers, and others. Many thanks to Anne De Grace for inviting me to come to Nelson and be Writer in Res. This is a wonderful festival…

Photo of authors Shaena Lambert and Suzanne Simard standing together
Shaena Lambert and Suzanne Simard
Writer in Residence, Nelson’s Elephant Mountain Literary Festival, June 20222023-05-21T07:21:51-07:00

Sunshine Coast Festival of the Written Arts, August 2022

2022 was Jane Davidson’s final year as Artistic Director for the Sunshine Coast Festival of the Written Arts. I was so delighted to be part of this event. Readings were held in the huge outdoor log amphitheatre. This is one of the best festivals in Canada, and I was very honoured to be there to salute Jane Davidson’s work.

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Writer in Residence at Whistler, Sept-Oct 2022

Photo of cabin at Alta Lake in Whistler

September saw me and faithful dog Augie driving the Sea to Sky Highway for a two-month stint as Whistler’s Writer in Residence. I was given a small, quiet cabin on the south side of Alta Lake. I’d wake at 5 am and take a cup of coffee to the dock (only meeting the occasional bear), write all morning, then meet with six thoughtful and engaged writers – some working in fiction, some memoir.

Photo of Alta Lake, Whistler, with Shaena Lambert's dog Augie in the foreground

In October was the Whistler Writers’ Festival, organized by volunteers and overseen by Artistic Director Rebecca Wood Barnett. Taking over from Stella Harvey, whose work was honoured at the Fest. Thanks so much to Rebecca, Stella and to Stephen Vogler, who runs the Point Artists Centre, which supports the annual WIR program.

Canoe on shore at Alta Lake, Whistler

In the thick of this residency, I managed to write 60,000 words of my new novel.

Shaena Lambert's slippers
Shaena Lambert's dog, Augie

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Joy Kogawa House, October 2022

Photo of Katherine Lawrence reading from Black Umbrella at Joy Kogawa House with four other attendees sitting and listening
Katherine Lawrence reading from Black Umbrella

Award-winning Saskatchewan poet Katherine Lawrence was in Vancouver at Joy Kogawa House in October, releasing her new book of poetry, Black Umbrella. I interviewed her – and it was a heady and yet grounding experience. This book is so thoughtful and moving. To meet and discuss writing and art in Joy Kogawa’s childhood home is such an intimate pleasure.

Photo of authors Katherine Lawrence and Ethel Whitty at Joy Kogawa House
Authors Katherine Lawrence and Ethel Whitty
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Vancouver Writers Festival, October 2022

Vancouver Writers Fest logo

At the Vancouver Writers Festival in October, I had the pleasure of interviewing three American authors whose work has come blazing into the forefront of publishing in the US. Aamina Ahmad, Jonathan Escoffery and Soon Wiley. A stunning and thoughtful conversation about American publishing, bridging cultures, and creating unforgettable characters.

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As It Happens with Carol Off, October 2020

As it Happens! This half-hour feature interview with iconic broadcaster Carol Off aired in late October. Carol led the conversation in so many interesting directions – including the intersection of the personal and the political, the charisma of Kelly, the birth pains of Green politics – and which works better for politics: multicoloured webs, or strategic boxes! The Petra interview starts at minute 49.

As It Happens with Carol Off, October 20202021-05-05T06:14:22-07:00