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October 6, 2017

Lighting Out — at the Vancouver Writers Festival

I’ll be moderating a really lively discussion on Wednesday, October 18 at the Vancouver Writers Fest. with Cecil Castellucci who has written a fabulous graphic novel of teenage flight, into the world of boxcars, danger and love in the hobo jungles in the 1930s. To survive, the main character turns herself from looking like a girl, into passing for a boy, as often did happen with girls in the mainly undocumented adventures of the past.  Joining Cecil is Allan Stratton, a multi-award winning author, whose books have a wide teenage following.  Allan has tackled hugely difficult issues in the past, and comes ready to engage young adults about his engaging book  The Way Back Home, where the main character, Zoe, breaks free and hits the road with her aging Grandmother.

These are stories of adventure — with anguish and heart. Come join us!