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March 20, 2017

Creative Neighbours Salon, Sunday March 26

On Sunday I’m looking forward to presenting some thoughts on short story writing at a westside creative artists salon. If you are an artist, writer, neighbour, or just interested, I hope you’ll join us.

The Salon is a Kitsilano  & West Point Grey monthly get together to explore, see, hear, and discuss art and its process.  The Salons were started by Mary Bennett, a visual artist and they are held in David Eby’s offices on West Broadway, who has kindly donated his space for neighbourhood projects.

Beth Coleman, a playwright whom I’ve had the pleasure of mentoring, invited me to be part of it. She wrote to say, “In the past season I enjoyed learning about automatons as art, experiencing oral story telling myths, exploring labyrinths as spiritual and art forms,  studying abstract paintings of nature.”

So here is what I’ll be presenting on this Sunday….

Dreaming and Writing Short Stories — The Art of Getting Lost

“When I write short stories, it feels as though it is a craft, yes, but also a mystery. Part of that mystery requires following some of the quirky rules of a fairy tale journey. You need to go deep into the unknown. You may need to call on magical helpers to assist you. And somewhere along the way you almost always end up totally lost. All the breadcrumbs are eaten, and often it is out of this – this true confusion as to direction – that the meaning of a piece emerges to ignite the imagination and show the way home. We will explore this creative arc, do some writing exercises to get in touch with people’s unique voices (bring a pen and paper) and I’ll talk about and read from a recent short story.”

Date: Sunday, March 26, 2017

Place: David Eby’s Community Office, 2909 West Broadway (at Bayswater)

Time: 6-7 pm Potluck food; 7-8 pm Presenter; 8-9 pm Socialize and network

Bring: Dessert or finger food for sharing. There will be a networking table for flyers and cards about upcoming performances and exhibitions.

Questions? Contact