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Whether you are a reader or a writer, welcome to my site. Please browse the various sections. You’ll find news of upcoming events in the News & Interviews Section and thoughts about writing in the Thoughts Section. My three books of fiction — Oh, My Darling, Radiance and The Falling Woman –– are available for purchase. Just hit the cover icons.

I’m deep in the throes of writing a new novel, and a third book of stories, The Wolf Expert.  I am hoping to complete one of them this year.  Hoping– because they each lure me; hopping over each other; tempting me to ‘cheat’ on one for the other (as Emma Donaghue puts that delicious feeling of walking away from one work in progress, to have a secret date with something new).

I find writing fiction wholly consuming, fascinating, frustrating, exhilarating, defeating — often in a single day.

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“Oh, My Darling is fist-pump marvellous. Lambert will take your heart captive.”

Lisa Moore, author of Alligator, Caught and February