Flannery O’Connor described fiction as both canny and uncanny. And I think that is my favorite adage for this most exacting, frustrating and satisfying art. It is a craft, but it is also a mystery — and the interweaving of these two aspects creates the fascination that keeps me going.

In this website you’ll find information on my books, reviews and interviews, and occasional thoughts on writing. Please feel free to join the discussion. Whether you’re a reader or a writer – or both – I look forward to hearing from you.

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Featured News

— Oh, My Darling is now out in trade paperback from HarperCollins Perennial. Beautiful production job by Jane Warren and team. Sale price is now $14.95.

— I will be Writer in Residence at the West Vancouver Library in November. If you have a manuscript in progress — short story, memoir, novel chapter — you can bring pages in, and we will discuss what is working and where you might improve or deepen it. We can also talk more broadly about structure, the writing life, etc. To learn more, click here.

Radiance is now available as an audio book, downloadable from audible.com. Read by Tara Ward.


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